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Energy Crops | Evolution & Genetic improvement

 Diploid (Eucalyptus) x Polyploid (Energy Cane)

Ploidy refers to the number of sets of homologous chromosomes in the genome of a cell or an organism.
Polyploidy is a cellular genetic condition in which there are more than two sets of chromosomes;
Polyploid plants are extremely important in two areas of genetics: evolution and genetic improvement;
Polyploidy allow to obtain new cultivars with better phenotypic characteristics compared to Diploid genotypes;
In general, Polyploid plants are more vigorous;
It is often attributed to polyploidy, through the accumulation of many genomes, greater diversity and adaptability than their parents;
Plant Genome Sequencing: Sugar Cane 2000 and Eucalyptus in 2014.

Global planted area: Eucalyptus: 17.8 millions ha (FAO 2000); Sugar Cane: 25.4 – 28.9 millions ha (FAO 2000-2014);
Brazil: Eucalyptus:  5.1 millions ha  (ABRAF 2012); Sugar Cane: 10.4 millions ha (FAO 2014)

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